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Additional layers of data security

DigitalPersona from Crossmatch

DigitalPersona® offers additional layers of data security for any organisation. It can be purchased as a standalone system, or can be installed alongside Gravity, offering additional verification of who accessed what information, when and from where.

DigitalPersona’s composite authentication approach offers the broadest set of factors, creating the right mix of authentication options for every user, moment by moment. Going beyond traditional authentication, DigitalPersona provides risk-based factors that deliver the strongest, most complete protection available to secure your network, applications and digital assets.

DigitalPersona + Gravity


Gravity’s ‘modus operandi’ is to provide continuity of evidence to evidentiary standards, so information stored on user activity can be confidently used in disciplinary tribunals and legal cases. Through the use of DigitalPersona you can ensure that your IP and other commercial or confidential data is securely protected from access by those without the correct permissions and authority. And, should access be obtained by someone for spurious reasons, it will now be easier to positively identify them.


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Gravity is a state-of-the-art insider threat monitoring and audit system.

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Before Gravity, there was 3ami MAS, our first-generation monitoring and audit system.

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Exonaut™ is a standalone system which can be used in collaboration with Gravity.

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DigitalPersona offers additional layers of data security for any organisation.