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Case Studies

Case Studies

3ami systems have been quietly working on the networks of numerous institutions and organisations for over a decade now. Many have seen clear and quantifiable benefits, such as the £187,000 one client was able to save from their procurement budget thanks to their 3ami system, while another was able to use information from our system to build a successful defence against litigation categorically disproving allegations of defamation and protecting their reputation.

We have chosen two examples to form case studies from which we feel represent some of the fundamental capabilities of our solution.

Fraud and coercion
Information gathered from 3ami’s system was central to the case against an officer who coerced another into loaning them a large sum of money with little evidence of a desire...
Unauthorised access to police computer systems
3ami’s system was used to review an individual PCSO’s historical activity in order to establish their role in a criminal case against a member of the public where assertions...
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Gravity is a state-of-the-art insider threat monitoring and audit system.

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Before Gravity, there was 3ami MAS, our first-generation monitoring and audit system.

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Exonaut™ is a standalone system which can be used in collaboration with Gravity.

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DigitalPersona offers additional layers of data security for any organisation.