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First-generation monitoring & audit system

3ami MAS

Before there was Gravity, there was 3ami MAS, our first-generation monitoring and audit system. MAS was our flagship data security system for 10 years and in that time it earned an excellent reputation across numerous police forces and other pressurised work environments where data security and evidential integrity was of the highest priority.

While Gravity is the latest evolution of our system – mobile optimised for as many devices as your workforce may use in and out of the workplace, instant access and alerting across a wide range of user activity, and advanced database interrogation – MAS still has a place in our security systems arsenal.

  • Proven track record with the police service
  • Highlights conflicts of interest and inappropriate user activities such as secondary employment, corruption, intimidation, coercion, grooming and unauthorised access to data
  • Detailed reporting highlights opportunities for greater efficiency
  • Interface designed for users, not IT experts
  • Monitors emails, files, websites visited and keystrokes
  • Clear audit trail to conclusively prove or disprove allegations of wrongdoing

For more information… If you would like more information on 3ami MAS, or wish to discover whether MAS or Gravity would be best suited for the specific needs of your organisation, call us on 01695 738003 or email info@3ami.com

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Gravity is a state-of-the-art insider threat monitoring and audit system.

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Before Gravity, there was 3ami MAS, our first-generation monitoring and audit system.

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Exonaut™ is a standalone system which can be used in collaboration with Gravity.

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DigitalPersona offers additional layers of data security for any organisation.