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3ami Gravity is a state-of-the-art insider threat monitoring and audit system (ITMAS) deployed quickly and simply across the existing technical assets of an organisation to protect it from a plethora of internal threats and to assist in the identification of cost saving and operational efficiency opportunities.

Tried, tested and trusted data security system

This sophisticated multifaceted solution has evolved from a tool which, even in its more fundamental form has, over the past 10 years, become the trusted standard in data security for many organisations across the public and private sectors – including 14 leading UK police forces and a wide variety of public sector institutions and private corporations across the globe. Over 100,000 licences have been deployed so far, and we’re just getting started.

Gravity is a massive leap forward, an unshackled realisation of our original vision for the system – from its robust modular architecture and industry standard coding to intuitive big data interrogation capacity, securely encrypted data storage, mobile optimisation across a wide range of devices and a vast array of practical applications.

Gravity has been designed and developed from the ground up, by industry-leading experts from the worlds of law enforcement, business and technology. We have dreamed big and delivered a truly flagship-sized tool with the capacity to help any organisation take a holistic view of their digital security, operational efficiency and compliance needs.

Headline benefits of Gravity:

  • Internal threat detection and prevention – fight corruption, protect your intellectual property and prevent harassment
  • Multi-asset monitoring of hardware and software (including PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone and licencing)
  • Intuitive interface requires no technical expertise to use
  • Securely encrypted data for incident audit trail integrity confidence
  • Flexible, powerful and adaptable threat alert system
  • Advanced mass data interrogation by authorised personnel for reporting and improved efficiency identification
  • Industry standard, modular coding architecture
  • Faster, more robust and easier to use than previous versions

Our expertise, made available to you

Gravity’s predecessor was designed for use by police forces across the UK. Therefore, all data gathering, encrypted storage and access has, at its core, the strictest compliance, key legislation and the highest standards specific to law enforcement investigations. The ultimate aim of which is to maintain the integrity of the evidence, which you may then use in criminal, disciplinary or tribunal proceedings.

Many of our consultants are ex-police officers themselves, overseen by a former regional DCI, available to assist you not only in making the most of our system, but to help you create the most efficient processes for handling the data you collect – whether to improve operational efficiencies, reallocate resources, make budgets go further or track down and prosecute those who would do your organisation harm from within.

For more information…

If you would like to arrange an appointment to discuss the full benefits Gravity could bring to your organisation, call us on 01695 738003 or email info@3ami.com


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Data Security

Of the 90% of major companies reportedly suffering data security breaches each year, 71% experienced a malicious attack, 66% had unauthorised access incidents, and 57% had a breach of data protection laws or regulations and 66% a leakage of confidential information – making robust, reliable and intuitive data security more important than ever for all organisations.

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Gravity is a state-of-the-art insider threat monitoring and audit system.

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Before Gravity, there was 3ami MAS, our first-generation monitoring and audit system.

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Exonaut™ is a standalone system which can be used in collaboration with Gravity.

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DigitalPersona offers additional layers of data security for any organisation.