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Unauthorised access to police computer systems

Study Summary: 

3ami’s system was used to review an individual PCSO’s historical activity in order to establish their role in a criminal case against a member of the public where assertions were made that the PCSO had supplied the address details of the victim to the perpetrator.


Allegations were made against a PCSO that they had accessed restricted information on the police computer systems in order to give a friend the address details of an individual that this friend believed was having an affair with his wife.

Due to the severity of these allegations it was important that clear proof should be obtained to determine whether the PCSO was guilty or innocent of this act. And, as the PCSO’s friend had gone on to harass the man he suspected, resulting in a criminal case against him, the need to identify the PCSO’s role in the incident was all the more pressing.

The allegations originated from the victim who reported the PCSO’s friend to the police for harassment along with his suspicion of the PCSO’s part in the crime.


Fortunately 3ami’s system had been installed across the entire network at the PCSO’s police force to ensure the most accurate monitoring and audit of resources, data and personnel in case of just such an incident.

Investigators were, therefore, able to interrogate 3ami’s system to thoroughly review the PCSO’s user activity log. From this they clearly identified that the PCSO had indeed accessed a database on the police network, submitted an enquiry for information on the individual whom their friend subsequently harassed, and that this information included their address.


The PCSO was charged with section 1 of the Computer Misuse Act 1990, and when faced with the evidence was left with no choice but to admit to their part in the incident.

The PCSO’s friend was charged with section 45 of the Serious Crime Act 2007. And due to overwhelming evidence submitted at Magistrates’ Court, including information extracted from 3ami’s system about the PCSO’s activities, he was found guilty of these charges.

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