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Fraud and coercion

Study Summary: 

Information gathered from 3ami’s system was central to the case against an officer who coerced another into loaning them a large sum of money with little evidence of a desire to repay it.


A police officer borrowed £30,000 from a colleague on the basis that it was needed due to a family hardship. The sum was to be repaid, but when this did not happen the matter was brought to the attention of an investigating officer who was tasked with reviewing what had actually transpired between the colleagues.

The investigating officer needed to establish how the PC had persuaded his colleague to part with such a large sum, and whether indeed he had any intention of paying it back. As to the latter question, the PC, during an interview with the investigating officer, said that he had already applied for a loan to put towards a part repayment of the borrowed amount.


However, on further investigation, via the force’s 3ami system it was shown that the PC had done a Name Trace/Voters Search to identify the colleague’s address, and it was this that enabled him to forge a friendship that would ultimately lead to him gaining the confidence of his victim. As there was found to be no police-related reason for such a search, this was entered into evidence as the first piece of the puzzle to solve this matter.

As for the loan that the PC claimed was to part repay the borrowed sum, 3ami’s system clearly showed that even though the PC had gone to the website of the institution he had named to the investigator, he had not completed the loan request form – a fact which was quickly identified by 3ami’s system and later confirmed by the company in question.


As a result of the irrefutable evidence gathered by the investigating officer via 3ami’s system, the PC was charged with an offence of Fraud by False Representation contrary to the Fraud Act 2006 and Computer Misuse contrary to section 1(1) of the Computer Misuse Act 1990.

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