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The ever increasing use of technology in the workplace brings with it a whole new set of
issues with regards to inappropriate use, record-keeping and corporate security.

3ami MAS - a complete computer activity monitoring package

Once installed across a corporate network, MAS will track changes to hardware and software throughout your organisation. MAS captures and securely stores records of all user activity
- not just on the internet but in every application including email, word processing,
spreadsheet applications, instant messaging and online.

Will MAS alert me to potential computer network security threats as they happen?

With MAS you can monitor whether employees have downloaded confidential information to an external memory device, track the use of certain language on the network to prevent cases of bullying or harassment, and ensure that employees are not accessing inappropriate websites or downloading illegal files. Depending how you set your alerts MAS can also alert you to security threats such as the creation of dummy accounts or backdoors into the network. The secure records of all employee computer activity can be accessed instantly and compiled into reports to identify a range of different user activities.

In an difficult financial climate, every new purchase has to demonstrate not only an ability to fulfil its required purpose but also demonstrate its cost effectiveness or better still, cost savings. 3ami MAS delivers on all counts.

Data already captured by 3ami MAS also provides wider performance management that will assist in substantially reducing overheads and driving more effective working practices.

What are the main benefits of using MAS to maintain my internal network security?

MAS is simple to install across a network and easy to run and maintain so you can keep your employee computer activity monitoring separate from your IT network administration. It has been designed to be monitored and maintained by non-IT staff. This means that you can also safely monitor the activities of the people who maintain the integrity of your network.

Whether you are a corporate or government user, MAS helps to ensure you are compliant by keeping a protective eye on your employees, IT assets and intellectual property.

Because MAS tracks changes across the network you can view every change made to a specific file and determine which user made the modification should the integrity of a document be called into question.

MAS Enterprise offers an in-built SQL database and file encryption that is able to produce detailed forensic information and management reports on almost everything that your users do on your network. MAS records are so secure that they have been successfully used as legal evidence.

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Latest news from 3ami:

Collaboration Programme

12/03/2013 - Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Police chose 3ami MAS to support Police Force efficiency drive and assist in maintaining highest standards of integrity.

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